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Building an app with Aircall

Scoping - tips and tricks

As you get started, you'll want to scope your app's features and understand our Public API.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A… We wish we'd have a cheat code to unlock all the features. There's none but reading our API docs thoroughly and being aware of the things listed next will help!

To give you an idea, the most successful apps leverage a combination of the following features available on Aircall Public API:

Build useful products

The goal of Aircall apps is to provide value to customers. We believe you know what your customers need, but we are here to help narrow down the use case. Once your app is launched, we'll help you test it.

When testing your app, our team will check that the features you scoped work properly, and report any bugs. When applicable, they will provide recommendations, mainly around:

  • User experience improvements;
  • Missing features that make the user experience clunky;
  • Additional integration features;
  • Product feedback on your app itself.

Transparency is one of our core values. We do reserve the right not to list your app if we deem it not suitable for our App Marketplace. Don't worry though, going through approval with us should feel like working with an extension to your team!

V1, V2, V3...

Products evolve as customers adopt them and so should your app! Ability to provide quality support, host, maintain, improve and debug your app is important, and expected.

Aircall is growing rapidly, and we will be adding new endpoints and features over the years. As such, we're excited to work with companies that can constantly improve their app and want early access to new endpoints.

New integration features are also a great opportunity for Aircall to communicate about your app!

OAuth is the key

While you can do some testing using an API key, apps listed on our App Marketplace must use OAuth (see tutorial).

Beyond the added security and scalability, OAuth will make your app visible to all customers in the Aircall Dashboard and provide a simple way for customers to install your app either from Aircall or your site.

To obtain OAuth credentials, reach out to us

Submitting your app

It'll feel pretty great to get your product and brand in front of our audience! Once you're ready, we will need a few things to get your app listed.

App listing checklist:

  • A link to one of your help center article / setup guide,
  • A short description for our App Marketplace page,
  • A few paragraphs about your app's features and benefits for the listing,
  • Images and/or videos for the listing - ideal format is 952x620,
  • Contact email for the listing (both support and sales),
  • A link to your pricing page or information about pricing,
  • Optional - a product demo video (3-6 min max, for internal enablement).

You can submit all of it by sending us an email at

Check some of our most successful partners like Shopify and Hubspot to get some inspiration!

If needed, you can find our logos, colors and product screenshots in our Media resources page.

We expect our partners to publish a help center article and landing page about the integration on their website. As an extra, a blog post announcing the app and your vision for it will go a long way.

The launch and beyond

Your app is now listed, congratulations!

If you remember our listing guidelines, we mentioned that apps should deliver value to customers. Listing your app is a great way to build trust with Aircall clients and for us to start creating pipeline together. But there's so much more we can do together!

Launching on social

It's important to celebrate wins, right? We approved your app, so we want to announce it to the world. That's why we always announce new app releases to our audience on social media.

We encourage you to do the same, and time your campaign with us to maximize reach. We've found that a simple post about the app / partnerships can go a long way. But we advise you to go a bit further, and personalize your messaging.

Showing is better than telling! If you focus on the product, a GIF or video can be a great asset. Partnerships are a human experience too, so consider turning your camera to selfie mode and telling the world about our journey.

Have more to say? Write a blog to announce the partnership!

Growing together

As soon as customers start using your app, we can further momentum by working on co-marketing.

Partner Stories and Customer Stories, with both parties taking the lead on one, are a great way to showcase success while enabling customers and partners.

Beyond that, our Partnerships team covers all continents, and will be excited to help you through the next stages of growth. Enablement, events, webinars, shared chat channels, happy hours, newsletters… There's a lot we can do together.

You'll find more about our partner program and how to unlock opportunities here.

Don't be a stranger

Along the way, Aircall will always keep the door open. If you have a great idea for a campaign, product feedback or want a little extra push on an announcement that we'll be excited about, please reach out!

We'll always consider requests from partners and do our best to amplify your message internally, externally or add value in other creative ways.

Aircall partners with companies of all sizes. Maybe you serve many customers already. Maybe you're at a very early stage. Maybe you're a solo developer, or a bootstrapped team. You could be growing hyper fast, or at your own pace. One size doesn't fit all.

We can tailor activities to match your growth and stage and maximize value you get out of partnering with us.

While customer experience comes first, integrations are an opportunity to increase your brand equity, develop your product vision, open new revenue channels, learn from peers and build your company's network.

So don't be a stranger. Give us a call!

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