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What is the Aircall API?

You certainly have heard about APIs and Webhooks, two buzzwords displayed everywhere on the Internet, but do you really know what they mean? 🤔

At Aircall, we see three different ways of using our Public API: synchronizing your own data with your Aircall account, taking control of your voice workflows or integrating your solution and becoming a partner!


Aircall's API allows you to interact automatically with your Aircall data on demand. With simple scripts, you can build your own analytics by retrieving call information, link your user provisioning software to the Aircall database or manage your Aircall contacts list.


Aircall's Webhooks are designed to notify your system each time an event occurs in your Aircall app. Webhooks allow you to push Aircall events to third-parties, whether it’s in your in-house system or in a software that’s not yet integrated with Aircall.

  • Synchronize your CRM

    Really… whatever in-house CRM you're using.

    In Aircall, you can display all of your customer's information when they call you and log each call in your CRM.

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  • Customize your workflows

    Finetune your voice channels

    Decide on which agent a call should be redirected to. Set your agents availability by linking any workforce manager software to Aircall.

  • Empower your analytics

    Retrieve even more call data

    By building a custom integration with the Aircall API, you gain access to more advanced call statistics than the out-of-the-box Aircall Dashboard.

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