Relationship Hero provides 1-on-1 relationship coaching from trained professionals via phone calls and chats. The service helps improve people's dating lives, marriages, friendships and more.

Relationship Hero is using an in-house workforce management system to handle all customer requests. Their relationship experts are using different channels to interact with their end users (live chat, phone, emails).

They needed a system very open to be fully embedded in their custom platform. After looking for different solutions, Liron Shapira decided to go with Aircall.

"Aircall was the best solution to have programmable phone capabilities" - says Liron

Aircall API adapts to any work environment and business workflows. The multiple endpoints available via the API make it possible for any businesses to add the voice channel to their existing tools without breaking any workflows.

Embedding voice in business workflows

By using Aircall forward-to-device capabilities, they are able to automatically forward incoming calls to the right agent. The team is working remotely and is able to pick up calls on their own device without the need to use the Aircall app.

With Aircall API, they were able to keep track of all interactions by logging them in the workforce management solution. Better than that, they were able to route incoming calls to the right agent and easily track the duration of each call for billing purposes.

What’s the payoff?

Aircall API makes it easy to handle incoming phone calls and apply our own business logic to route people to the right expert who can help them.

Thanks to this functionality, they were able to eliminate third-party call center tools and keep our experts' entire workflow within their own application. All this resulted in a significant increase in productivity.

"We've been able to pick up 34% more calls thanks to streamlining our workflow with Aircall's API."

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