Pointy helps local retailers automatically list their inventory online. These Pointy pages are optimized for search engines, so that local consumers searching for products see what is available, and can come in to purchase. It's a very simple alternative to e-commerce for local retailers.

Pointy Co-Founder Mark Cummins decided to go with Aircall for the flexibility it offers. Aircall call center software can be set up in a few hours across time zones and geographies.

“We have customers across four countries, so our main initial use case was to provide a customer support number in each country. We first set this up using Twilio, but later we moved to Aircall,” Mark says. “For our use case, it was easier to manage things at a higher level via Aircall.”

Aircall offers a very open environment. It does integrate with most customer relationship manager systems. The Aircall API gives advanced customization capabilities to any businesses looking for a solution tailored to their needs. Plus, Aircall is platform-agnostic and can be used on any devices or operating systems.

Integrating with the CRM platform

Pointy is using Pipedrive as a CRM. The Aircall integration came in handy. They are now able to keep track of all the calls they had with their customers. “The Aircall analytics are also a valuable tool to understand where our teams are spending time, and what could be improved,” he says. They were also able to use Pipedrive workflows to trigger post-call actions via the integration. “It keeps everything efficient by automating a lot of basic tasks” Mark says.

Storing sensitive data via the API

Pointy is using Aircall API to retrieve data related to the calls they are receiving from their customers. Call records are then exported and stored in their own data centers before being deleted from Aircall servers using the delete POST API endpoint. Thanks to the Aircall API, Pointy has full control on their client’s data and sensitive information - making sure it is secured and compliant with payment regulation.

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