BillTrim negotiates your monthly household and business bills leveraging human resources and AI technology. They make sure that you pay the lowest possible rate at your desired service level for bills such as electricity, cable, internet, cell phone, gym, satellite radio, insurance, and others.

BillTrim has a dispersed workforce which requires a flexible, responsive, and low-latency system. After testing a few options, BillTrim Co-Founder Anu Sura decided to go with Aircall.

"We saw a few alternatives options but loved Aircall's Phone app: UI, Comments, Tags features and easy to use API"

Aircall stable makes it very easy for distributed teams to manage phone operations in different locations. The Aircall API offers an open environment that adapts to demanding business needs.

Data management

The number of outgoing calls is a key metric at BillTrim. "For us, every call made serves as proof of service, employee productivity, and serves as an input for quality control and HR systems", says Anu.

BillTrim uses the data collected via Aircall's API to track employee performance. They automatically tabulate all work hours and derive compensation data.

What's the payoff?

Aircall's API enables BillTrim to automate their processes and workflows. "It saves us hours of work", says Anu.

By analyzing the real-time call data they collected, they were able to drastically reduce operational costs. Additionally, they are using call recordings and data to create tutorials and train their team.

"We are a fast paced high growth startup", says Anu. "We can't work until we have reliable data. High velocity and high quality data is the backbone of our growth and a competitive advantage."

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